Parahyangan Plaza


Parahyangan Plaza is a shopping center located in Bandung, West Java.

Established in 1983, this plaza was successful in its early years and became a favorite shopping destination at that time. But as Bandung is developing and new malls with new concept came along, the popularity of Plaza Parahyangan diminished and it was almost extinct, especially when the fire incident happened and  Ramayana was closed in year 2001.

After those difficult years, slowly but surely Plaza Parahyangan was able to rise and was successful in filling up the whole 6 floors with unique and special products, “DISTRO” (Distribution Store) from 1st to 5th floor, and futsal arena on 6th floor. There are around 450 distro shops together in one building, so that  Plaza Parahyangan can be considered as distro center in Bandung.