Blok M Mall


Blok M Mall is unique as it is located underneath Blok M Bus Terminal and is combined with town garden. This mall, which was inaugurated by DKI Jakarta Governor (Mr. Wiyogo Atmodarminto) on October 3, 1992 is located in South Jakarta business district with a total area of 3.5 hectare and is built based on BOT scheme with DKI Jakarta government. All concept designs and its development was done by Indonesian.

Starting from 2005,  Blok M Terminal is even more complete with the operation of Transjakarta Bus by DKI Jakarta government, where Blok M Terminal becomes the starting and ending point of Transjakarta Bus corridor 1 (Blok M – Downtown).

Not less than 150,000 bus passengers per day use bus facility in Terminal Blok M and most of them visits our unique mall everday.